There is a difference between the feeling of having support and the feeling of being believed in. From the moment I met photographer, Sarah Mireya (website here), I felt the latter. With her home base in Riverside, CA, Sarah is of the top trusted agency approved photographers and has shot many of the up and coming talent in the modeling industry. I was recommended to her by my management, and it was nothing less than an honor to work together with Sarah to bring to life some new, fun, fresh, and edgy photos from our time together.

When you shoot with Sarah, she has a few goals: make the talent feel as comfortable as possible & make it seem like a 2 hour shoot took place in 5 different places and took all day. She successfully accomplished both through the images you see here. It was fun witnessing her creative process come alive when she held her camera to her eye. She saw something in me and the images we were creating together that is unique and motivating. Half way through our time together she simply stated, "You can't turn back now, Cory, we are officially friends." In that moment, I felt welcomed, befriended and filled with ease. On this day, being in front of the camera, was less of a performance and more of a live piece of art. 

Thank you Sarah Mireya for your friendship, creativity and belief in my future. These images truly show the beauty in the art you create with new faces and I am excited to see what the future holds for both of our careers!