One of my favorite looks, whether it is interior design or just vibes in general is the "wood vibe". To me its cozy, warm, organic and upscale. I have recently had the best time filling my new apartment space with black and wood trends - it makes me so stoked. Wood shelves, wood floors, wooden decor - you name it, it fits the trends and vibes I am going for. Actually, about 3 years ago, when my wood obsession really became a thing, I asked for a couple different wood accessories for Christmas, but clearly my family and friends didn't understand just how fascinated I was by this new trend. 

About two weeks ago, I put a new watch on my wrist that was made of wood and it was then that my family and friends realized that I wasn't crazy - this trend was actually really sweet.

It is only fitting that my very first brand deal as an influencer was for an incredible Wood Watch company called JORD Wood Watches (click here to website). When I got their e-mail, I was so pumped because I have never found a wood watch that I fell in love with, but looking at their line, there wasn't a single watch I didn't like. Check out my new time piece from JORD below and head over to their website and sign up for a contest that is going on right now during this season of deals between Black Friday and Cyber Monday! These watches definitely would make a great gift this holiday season. 

Here's the contest - It's a giveaway! It's a $75 e-voucher for the winner, and everyone who enters gets a $20.00 e-gift card excluding the winner. CLICK HERE to enter!

Link to the watch in the photo above: (click here)

The grind continues. CMT.