When I posted "CORY'S STORY", I finished the post with a note for readers to comment on the post or e-mail me to start a conversation of advice, questions or reactions. When you are blogging, sometimes it feels like you are writing into thin air and no one is actually reading your posts, but a moment last week has encouraged me to press on. 

I received an e-mail from a reader. Check this out!

Hi! Im Elizabeth from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I just read your last blog post and i just wanted to say thank you!
This month i started working professionally as a photographer and your post was such an encouragement. I've been working as a translator for a Bible College for the past 3 years but God had been speaking to me about getting serious with photography for so long, but it never really worked out for some reason or another, until now. 

[Elizabeth went on to ask me a question about my experience in the industry, and I have since replied with some advice for her]

Thank you for your time and you have no idea how much your story can impact others! 

WOW! I really was speechless after reading this e-mail. People really are reading my posts. People really do care about what is going on in my story. Not only do they care, they see me as inspiring and as a source of encouragement. As I e-mailed Elizabeth a few times, we were even able to find out that she has seen information for the church campus that has been planted in Buenos Aires that was started by the church that I currently attend in Orange County. She wants to go check it out sometime! 

I hope this is not the end of hearing from readers, fans, friends and family about my journey. All of your words mean so much to me in this story.

The grind continues. CMT

Photo by  @laurenscotti   Styled by  @hannypotter   Long Tee -  Asos   Black Jeans -  Urban Outfitters

Photo by @laurenscotti

Styled by @hannypotter

Long Tee - Asos

Black Jeans - Urban Outfitters