Janay Honest


Modeled after the infamous ride-alongs with James Corden for his evening talk show - I was asked to host some of the UCLA Gymnastics Team members in Carpool Choreography! In the spirit of my heart for this blog space, I must tell you about the brilliancy of the Videographer, Editor, Director, Co-Producer & Sound Mixer for Carpool Choreography, Deanna Hong!

Deanna is one of the most brilliant story tellers I have ever worked with in my time in the industry. She has a natural niche for pulling out the beautiful and most acclaimed parts of a person's story. She knows the right questions to ask, the best angles to shoot at and is always there to capture those unforgettable moments. I can definitely relate to Deanna because we both did not grow up around the sport of Gymnastics. Since entering into the world of this sport, we have both absorbed as much knowledge about the sport so that we can do our best with our jobs accordingly. This has been the biggest challenge, but greatest gift for the both of us as we both have become well known in our own respective niche. Deanna's passion for this sport even lead her to working for NBC this summer during the Rio Olympic Games! Talk about hard work and dedication paying off! 

You all need to go and check out her other work on her Instagram (click here) or Youtube (click here) to see her story telling brilliancy! It was amazing working with her on the Carpool Choreography Series, and can't wait to work on more projects in the future!