It’s no lie that I definitely have a personality. I never dabbled in drama or theater in high school, but now that I am running down the path in this industry, it was time to figure it out. I’m never one to shy away from a challenge, so I signed up for my first acting class. 

Killian's Workshop on Melrose was an amazing first class to take to get a great foundation in commercial acting. As a beginner, I went into it thinking that I would be behind every person in the class. I was definitely far behind, but the class didn’t make me feel that way. The instructor, my fellow classmates, all were supportive of one another, offering constructive criticism. Not going to lie, the first class, first set of sides, was really rough. It’s safe to say that by the end of the first class, I achieved the most improved award. The format of each class would be to do a mock audition at the start of class, then get critique from the instructor, then finish the class by taking that critique and applying it to a second go at the audition. During the first week, I went from completely blowing the first audition to nailing the audition and being able to even put a fun button on the end of the audition.

People love to tell me that I am a natural with modeling and acting, and the acting part of things was hard to believe. I had never dabbled in it at all, so why would they think that I could be a natural at it. Sure enough, the last week of class, my instructor said to me, “Cory, keep it going. You are definitely a natural and I can see you going places with this.” Those words were all I needed to keep the grind going. I am excited to keep dipping my feet into the acting world to see where it can take me.

The grind continues. CMT.