On the Warner Brothers Studio Lot in Burbank, CA, there is an incredible behind the scenes experience open to the public. The Warner Brothers Studio Tour Hollywood showcases the best of the best in preserved film sets, up close views at Hollywood movies and tv show props and costumes and the best of the best tour guides informing attendees of the coolest fun facts all along the way. 

I was invited to be apart of the press opening of the Fantastics Beasts and Where to Find Them & Harry Potter exhibit this year. It was super cool to see props up close such as Harry Potters glasses and wand, original costumes from the Fantastic Beasts movie and even a sorting hat experience where I was able to officially get sorted into my Hogwarts House. Guys, I am officially a Hufflepuff. How exciting?!

I sported an official Newt Scamander coat and it was the talk of the event. People loved it! Some people even said I looked JUST like the character! 

Thank you Sparkloft Media Group for having me at this event. It was such a rad event! If anyone is interested in taking the Studio Tour, you can head to the link (here) to set up your tour! I HIGHLY recommend it!